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Writing Press Releases The Long Lost Art

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Writing Press Releases The Long Lost Art
A press release is essentially just an announcement of some sortsome sort of product or service. Many times, you can do press releases for absolutely free.

There are two main ways that press releases can help you get traffic.

First, you can get traffic from those press services that you submit your release to.from the readers that the service publishes your content to.

Second, you can get natural search engine traffic through press releases. If you write your press release in a certain way, using certain keywords, many times search engines will recognize that and list your press release as one of the top listings in the natural search rankings.

A Press Release consists of 4 things:

– Title

– Introduction

– Body

– Call to action information

Let me give you an example of what a press release should look like

Subject : Get More Leads and Cash Fast For Your MLM Business

Announcing a controversial report on how to grow your MLM Business now, using the latest New School Network Marketing Techniques. In this report you will get

– Generating more traffic and more leads than you know what to do with, with all of the latest New School Techniques

– Profit from those who dont even want to buy from you or be in your business

– Learn how to really market on-line

– Plus many more of my behind the scenes tips

Go here for this free report on how to get more cash and leads fast for your MLM business.

(Insert your website and contact information here)

Thats it really. Now here are a couple of websites where you can submit press releases to:

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