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Writing Press Releases – learn Media

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Writing Press Releases – learn Media

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Writing Press Releases – learn Media
Best Media Course
Writing Press Releases
Teach press release marketing basics,Introduce basics of formatting press release for online marketing,Teach sales direct calls to action
Text document program installed,DSL Internet Connection,There is no more effective and immediate way to generate interest in your products and services than writing a press release.,Above any other form of SEM (search engine marketing), online press releases, written well, hold the ability to produce immediate brand recognition and fast website traffic for your products and services.,Here are the top 7 benefits students receive from taking this course;,1. Learning how to effectively format a press release,2. Accurately describing the 5 ‘W’s of releases – Who, What, When, Where and Why,3. How to increase interest in your brand’s message,4. Why 97.8% of press releases fail,5. How your press release drives traffic to products and services,6. How to increase profitability through well-written releases,7. Where to strategically insert links to increase profits,These are just a few of many more strategies and best practices students will learn in this course so join us today!,General,General

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