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Woodinville Marketing Company Press Release

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Woodinville Marketing Company Press Release 360.553.1043

A new internet marketing company has recently surfaced in Woodinville, Ascend Marketing and Consulting… WOW! This is really something to be excited about.

These guys are really quite unique in the sense that they offer complete marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

See, typically marketing companies only do one or two things well, but Ascend is a collection or team of internet marketing experts who have joined together under one name to create an online marketing company who can creatively market your brand, and market the heck out of it!

Their team of experts include: graphic designers, social media studs, SEO experts, web designers, marketing consultants, video wizards, and so on. They even set up merchant accounts! These guys are ridiculously awesome.

I don’t remember seeing anyone like these guys ever!

Go check them out at Ascend Marketing

Go see how high the can get your company to ascend!

Ascend Marketing and Consulting, your online marketing sherpas!

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