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What Is Press Release Marketing?

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What Is Press Release Marketing?

What is Press Release Marketing?

You have been looking for new ways to promote and increase your business and you think that press release marketing might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for. But what is press release marketing? And how is it going to help increase profits?

Press release marketing, as its name suggests, is advertising through press releases. If you’re scratching your head and wondering how a press release is going to help your advertising efforts, you wouldn’t be the only one. Aren’t press releases just supposed to give information to the general public? Aren’t press releases made with the intent of distributing news? These might be just a couple of the questions that are running through your mind. But in fact, it’s the answers to these very questions that make press release marketing as effective as it is!
Yes, press releases are meant to provide the public with information and to bring them news-worthy stories. But isn’t that what you’re doing in your advertising every time you have a new product or service – bringing news-worthy items to the customer? Yes, press releases were once only used by major corporations when they needed to work with the media. But the media has changed and press releases have too.

How have they changed? One major way is that just about anybody can use them now. You don’t need to have an “in” at the local TV station or be a huge celebrity or national brand in order to send a press release – any individual, business owner, or member of the general public can make and send off a press release about whatever they like. The type of media that’s used to distribute press releases has also changed. Instead of only going to television or radio stations, press releases can now be found anywhere, from news sites to article directories and everywhere in between. The Internet is actually the primary medium for press releases today, making it that much easier for you to make and distribute one. But press release marketing has so many more benefits than just having huge access to many mediums.

One of those benefits, and it’s one that comes in when you’re referring to online press releases specifically, is that you can use press releases to build SEO backlinks to your website. Because links can be placed inside the content of the release and the release can be syndicated online, you can make your links visible to thousands, maybe even millions, of people.

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