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what are the seo benefits of press releases

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what are the seo benefits of press releases

In this riveting YouTube short, Mike Goldstein Owner of Kitchen Remodeling SEO and Lane Houke from Signal Genesis unveils the secrets of local SEO through press release optimization. Consider the world of local SEO, understanding how search engines rank businesses and why press releases are crucial for your digital marketing toolkit.

Discover how to select city based keywords that resonate with your local audience, use them strategically within your press release, craft compelling, SEO-friendly headlines, and integrate links to boost your backlink profile. Learn to leverage the power of press release distribution software like Signal Genesis to enhance your visibility.

This video is a must-watch for local business owners who provide kitchen or home remodeling, digital marketers, or anyone keen on mastering local SEO. Like, comment, subscribe and elevate your SEO game with our expert insights. Tune in now to transform your press releases into potent SEO tools!

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