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VQuick – TechCrunch New York Conference – Video Press Release

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VQuick – TechCrunch New York Conference – Video Press Release

New York, New York – May 25, 2016… Amid much anticipation, Richard Bezjian, Founder &

CEO of VQuick, led the successful launch of the newest entry into the video sharing and chat

“ecosystem”. VQuick, the innovative new mobile Video and Chat platform was unveiled on

May 10th at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 (Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, in Brooklyn, NY), before a

jazzed-up crowd who also became the first VQuickers.

Before Bezjian took the stage to introduce VQuick, the rate of activation among iPhone and

Android owners in attendance, rose expeditiously, which might have contributed to the

company receiving the second highest number of votes, and just being edged out for the

wildcard spot at this year’s Startup Battlefield, an important place to be seen by investors and

the media in attendance at TechCrunch.

Since the app’s unveiling, the company reports it has experienced over 100% growth in unique

users and total launches. Early VQuick adapters have shown their passion for the platform,

posting and sharing their edited Stovies (Story Movies), and demonstrating just how intuitive

the app is. “We are already seeing the beginning growth of influencers. These are the users

getting the most votes from peers and the largest share of views on our contest page,” says


The growing success of video sharing and chat technology shows no sign of slowing down with

not millions of users, but billions of users around the world adapting and engaging on one or

more of the number of platforms currently available. VQuick is not simply stepping into this

“ecosystem,” it is changing the landscape, by responding to user demands for a product that

offers higher control over content visibility and improved user experience.

“With video distribution platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and the new, Amazon Video Direct

(AVD), the latest entry in the growing content hosting playing-field; creators need easy and

dynamic video creation tools and quick channels to facilitate sharing on these hosting

platforms. VQuick is the missing link and the bridge, that will enable millions of new creators

globally to collaborate, create new content, to entertain or to do social good, and grow this

video revolution” added Mr. Bezjian.  

VQuick has harnessed not only the power to create and share video content, but the ability to

collaborate on projects with someone in the next room or across the globe and to share

projects across different social networks. Storytelling just took a giant leap forward. Become a

VQuicker, test your creativity and innovativeness – create your Stovie, and enter to win some

unique electronic prizes at the company’s site.

The VQuick app is now available for download. Become a VQuicker – record, collaborate, edit

and share “your Stovie”. For more on VQuick visit, or go download

directly from the Apple App store or Google Play.

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