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Video Press Release

Video News Release
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Video News Release – How to Make a Video News Press Release

Video News Releases Position your brand as an authority:

The power of a Video News Press release has long been a acknowledged as a must-use promotional tool in any VNR marketing mix.

With the use of our professional anchor/spokes people reporting on your company’s message you’ll stand out as a promenade force in your market place or location. It’s a fact that people general trust news reports over ads.

Compound the effects of Your Video News Release Marketing Message:

We provide options to use a number of media distribution outlets that will expand your reach and influence dramatically.

By putting your VNR or Video News Release in front of Media Publishers, Content Editors and Journalists who are always in desperate need of new and fresh business stories.

Unlike a limited text based Press Releases, VNRs contain Video, which will help media content creators discover, share, and write about your story more readily. Giving you a bigger bang for your marketing dollar then any standard advertisement may provide.

My company can help you create personalized video campaigns using normal press releases or video news releases with distribution to 200+ major media sites.

Visit the site and from the home page, you can visit products if you want software to do it yourself or services we can offer your business.

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