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Vague press release on karachi incident

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Vague press release on karachi incident

Ammar Masood is well known for his outspoken op-eds, persuasive critique on politics, cultured brand of hosting and witty one-liners that add a humorous flavor to burning issues.
Born into a family that cherished literary interests and valued compassion, Masood inherited his passion for standing up for the truth from his father – one of the top poets of the country.
A pioneer host of late night radio program, author of two books and a prolific teacher, Masood’s struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of expression is far from over and now he is taking another medium, of Youtube to discover and disseminate the truth.
He never misses an opportunity to advocate, support and promote freedom of expression in a country plagued by decades of suppression at the hands dictatorial regimes where civil liberties still seem a distant dream.
Masood says “my aim is to become voice of the unheard” but the path chosen is full of obstacles. “My professional career bore the brunt as my TV program was abruptly ended despite it being a commercial success. I did not compromise on my ideals and started ventured for social media mainly twitter and made my mark as a political analyst. I have also started writing columns, mainly on politics and social issues for the leading newspaper of the country Jang.”
He regularly writes for Jang, Urdu news, HumSub whereas his thought provoking and bold political analysis have been published in BBC Urdu, DW , Naya Daur and Urdu point.
He is one of the very few people in Pakistan working for the education of the persons with disabilities for the past 22 years. His tremendous work for the cause of the visually impaired has been noted and acknowledged by international organizations like USAID.
Masood has worked as the Creative Head for the top advertising agencies of the country, Marketing Head for PTV Network and for private channels like Dunya News, ATV, APlus and 92 News. But if you ask him, he would much rather be known as the person who works for the rights of persons with disabilities.
In 1995, he took over morning transmission on PTV from legendary Mustansar Hussain Tarar. “It was like taking the baton from a champion runner. My failure could have ruined decades of hard work behind the morning show but I was able to sail the ship with quite a success.”
The late night ghazal show on radio, was also picked up by the national television in the form of “Raat Gaye” which basically was a tête-à-tête with famous literary figure around; live unplugged music by classical singers and musicians. After the immense success of Raat Gaye, there came ‘Dyar – e – Sukhan’, ‘Dyar – e – Ishq’ and ‘NisfSadikaQissa’, all on PTV.
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