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Upcoming Market Uptrends Based on Latest Earnings – Trade to Black

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23.May, 2023 0 Marketing in Guelph

Upcoming Market Uptrends Based on Latest Earnings – Trade to Black

In our latest Trade to Black podcast we discuss Earnings season and look deeper on the latest earnings report of the major cannabis companies, and how the recent SAFE Banking hearing would affect the overall health of the industry. Which company raked top market performance and how do these Q1 earnings reports predict the future of the cannabis market?

We also discuss the rising Florida market and how companies are keeping up with their market growth as they apply branding cultures to capture wider consumers. We also dive deeper on the possible market trends and impacts of the advancing ad cultures that can potentially change the marketing structure of the industry.

What can smaller companies learn from the top MSOs latest earnings and how does this affect investors’ point of view about the space?

Here’s the latest.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 4:09 SAFE Banking Momentum
4:10 – 5:44 Legislation Effects
5:45 – 7:14 Companies’ Future Without SAFE
7:15 – 8:58 Dispensaries Education
8:59 – 11:22 Ayr Wellness Latest Earnings
11:23 – 14:13 Who Wins Florida Market?
14:14 – 17:34 Consumer Branding Impacts
17:35 -19:51 Cannabis Market Triggers Fiat!
19:52 – 20:41 Florida Market Rise
20:42 – 23:08 TILT Holdings Latest Earnings
23:09 – 25:34 Budlight Ad: Worst Promotion
25:35 – 27:24 Ad Cultures Changing the Game
27:25 – 29:47 Algorithm Narrative Closes Minds!
29:48 – 33:08 Reaping from Timeless Ads
33:09 – 35:48 NBA Disappointing Highlights

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