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Tips for translating a press release that pops!

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Tips for translating a press release that pops!

Running your press release through machine translation solutions alone just won’t cut it. In fact, it’ll likely be a waste of resources as the mistakes and lack of context in any release that’s processed this way will reflect poorly on the quality of the services or products being publicised.

What is a press release?

Before running through the top tips that’ll make your press release translation pop, it’s worth thinking about what a release is intended to achieve. The goal is to convey the right information in the clearest possible manner.

How best to translate a press release

Target precisely
Key targeting considerations include the language pair to be translated.
Pay attention to convention
These are nuances that a highly experienced translation agency will be able to expertly navigate.
Draw on industry expertise
Partnering with an agency within your niche industry would be the best approach to access this expertise. For example if you are a gaming company launching a new game, search for an agency that offers gaming translation services.
Localise, don’t just translate
Translation is the process of reworking a text from a source language into another language, maintaining the original meaning. The best global marketing language strategies include localised content.
Localising is a more sophisticated service, but one that creates a release that is more nuanced and attuned to the specific local conditions where it is being disseminated.
Streamline the process
Partnering with an expert marketing translation services agency will help you get the most out of your press release.

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