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Tax Resolution Marketing: Utilize Press Release

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Tax Resolution Marketing: Utilize Press Release

Want to build a successful tax resolution practice? Start here:

There are dozens of marketing strategies at your disposal. This week I want to talk about one: Press Releases, and how to get thousands of dollars in free publicity using them.

Here’s what you should put in a press release: mention any awards you’ve received in the recent past, even going back six months or a year. You should mention any pro bono work that you’re doing. Maybe you’re doing free tax returns for returning Vets, or maybe you’re going to have an open house at your firm. Or maybe you’ve had a recent speaking gig in front of realtors or whoever you spoke before that’s a great thing to put in a press release. These are the types of things you want to put in a press release. After it’s written up, send it out to the media, to newspapers, to magazines. It’s especially important to send your Press Releases out to local media which includes; local magazines, radio stations and TV stations.

When you send out your Press Releases, it gets the word out and positions you, and sets up your ACE, which stands for Authority, Credibility and Expert status.

When people see you in print, when they see your name or your firm’s name in print automatically you’re a celebrity which increases your value, your perceived value by taxpayers. It reduces price resistance, it reduces sales resistance. So make sure that you utilize press releases. It’s a very important tool in your toolkit, in your arsenal. We’ll see you on the next video.

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So just click on the link above, give me your name and email, you’ll be automatically entered into that free deep dive training.

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