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Press Release Marketing with Mickie Kennedy, Dragon Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 48

Get The Free Buyer Persona Template: https://dragon-digital-marketing.com/offers/buyer-persona.html Episode Shownotes: https://www.dragon-digital-marketing.com/podcast/episode-48/press-release-marketing-ep-48.html Learn how to establish a media presence, elevate your credibility and increase sales with press releases. Press release marketing can give small businesses access to the media and to a national newswire — all with a personal touch. Press play…

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#shorts Stuck for Media and Press Release ideas try this tip

In this one minute media tip #shorts I share with you one of my favourite ways to see release ideas come together Working with others #mediaprompt #marketing #contentmarketing

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Influencer Referral Marketing is Still a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry – Press Release

Latest News about Small Business: https://rebrand.ly/SmallBizBulletin Savvy influencers are leveraging their sell-power with the help of Gina Kershaw, founder of InfluencerCEO, and beating Amazon at its own game with new online boutiques. They are moms, fashion devotees, makeup pros, travelers, bargain shoppers, and DIYers. They have the real influence. They…

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How to write a press release

If your business wants to get the word out about a new product release, a contract win or some other news then writing a press release might just be for you. But how do you write one? Bizcrowd.com talks to journalist and PR professional Natalia Gameson to find out.

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Orlando FL Press Release Video Marketing

Orlando FL Press Release Video Marketing http://NationalVideoMarketing.com Orlando FLorida, USA 407-269-8795 http://www,NationalVideoMarketing.com is the number one source for local businesses to choose their local business videos, video commercials, video production, video syndication, video SEO, and create the best internet marketing channel for their business that is geo targeted, re-targeted, and…

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How To Win at Content Creation – In-Bound Marketing Strategies

Everyone knows that content creation, also known as inbound-marketing, is the most effective way to build your business in today’s market. But are you doing it right? A whole lot of businesses and individuals are not. In this video I discuss the best ways to assure the hard work you…

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How To Make Use Of Press Releases In Small Business Marketing

http://smallbusinessmarketing.es How Small Business Marketing Makes Use Of Press Releases How to make use of press releases as part of your online marketing plan. Your small business marketing plan should include the use of press releases. Press releases are a much underused resource both for getting noticed online directly and…

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Craft Your Small Business Press Release

Running a small business means being adept at multiple roles in the organization. This is a huge workload, and the more you can do to make your systems efficient, the better your business will run. You’re in charge of running the core business and leading the company. The more time…

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Small Business Press Release Consultant–Topics for Press Releases

https://ezprofitsoftware.com/press-release-video-course-giveaway/ Press Releases for Small Businesses Topics for Press Releases A lot of people think that a press release has to be about something momentous that you’d find on CNN or Fox news. Nothing could be further from the truth! All your press release topic needs to do is to…

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Small Business Press Release Consultant–How to Find Clients–Local Marketing

https://ezprofitsoftware.com/press-release-video-course-giveaway/ Click that link above and get FREE access to my best selling course on selling press releases to local businesses. Small Business Press Release Consultant How to Find Clients Finding business who need press releases written and published is pretty easy when you know how. Of course, not every…