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Optimizing a Press Release for Search Engines, Greg Jarboe

Greg Jarboe explains how to doe search engine optmization (SEO) on a press release to help it reach both audiences: (1) news media reporters and (2) the general public.

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Why Kickstarter Project Creators Use Press Releases

Press coverage is a key component of any successful Kickstarter campaign. Hiring a publicist can cost thousands of dollars — money that would better spent otherwise on the Kickstarter project. Many Kickstarter projects have chose PR Distribution as their Kickstarter PR partner. PR Distribution is a leading provider in the…

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How to Write a Press Release for SEO and Free Press Release Services (Part I)

In this video on how to write a good, SEO-friendly news release (press release), Jason McDonald explains six basic steps, starting with SEO keyword research, going through writing a strong TITLE tag, through keyword heavy text for the release and ending up with how to cross-link your press release to…

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Craft Your Small Business Press Release

Running a small business means being adept at multiple roles in the organization. This is a huge workload, and the more you can do to make your systems efficient, the better your business will run. You’re in charge of running the core business and leading the company. The more time…

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Beware The Press Release

Get small business public relations and SEO content marketing strategy to help your business grow fast from the team at Rembrandt Communications, www.rembrandtwrites.com. PR for small businesses can be affordable and fun!

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How to Use Press Releases for SEO

Press releases have been controversial, to say the least, as a tactic for SEO. (Materials at http://tinyurl.com/hlkb8yd). However, with a little finesse that can be a useful tool in your toolbox. In this video, we’ll dive into how to write an SEO-friendly press release, and to use press releases as…

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Crushing It Online With Press Releases in 2015

I’m really excited to post this interview with a true press release pro, Doug Brown of Newswire.net. Watch and listen to the WHOLE THING and learn a thing or two about using press releases the right way to generate exposure, and even leads & sales online.

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Magic PR Reviews: 5 Star Press Release Review by Terry Power

A review by Terry Power from NC Internet Marketing. Magic PR – The PR Movement is Real – https://www.magicpr.net/ NC Internet Marketing – http://ncinternetmarketing.com/

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Best Press Release Service for SEO – Marketers Media Discount

Press releases are insanely powerful (on the right press release platform) for both SEO and for business visibility, reputation and credibility in general. They will not only generate targeted, relevant, visitors to your site, which will give you customers and buyers… … press releases also carry significant SEO benefit in…

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E-Commerce Press Release | Cost-Effective Marketing for Your Website – Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet offers handy tips for e-commerce marketers…and increasing sales on your site in quick fashion. For more information on E-Commerce Press Releases, please visit https://pressreleasejet.com/ecommerce-press-release/ Or to submit a press release, please visit http://pressreleasejet.com.