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DON’T Use Paid Ads My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy | Neil Patel

In this video I’m going to share with you my #1 organic marketing strategy. If you use this strategy, you won’t need paid ads. Google generates over a 100 billion dollars through paid advertising per year. Facebook generates over 40 billion a year in revenue through paid advertising. Today I’m…

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SEO Marketing Tips | Backlinks Press Releases | SEO Marketing Tips

SEO Marketing Tips Backlinks Press Releases SEO Marketing Tips | Backlinks Press Releases Two Must-Have SEO Marketing Tips in 2020 | 5 Min of SEO Advice Must See! My channel is on SEO and marketing tutorials related to web development. You can improve your SEO! Access our database of 18.9…

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Press Release Link Building Guide

Press releases can have a disastrous impact on your SEO if done wrong. This video explains how to do high quality press releases for the purpose of building backlinks to your website. Please only use this strategy in tandem with other diverse types of link building.

29.Sep, 2020 0

The Digital Edge: Why Press Releases Must Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy (Quick Tip)

In this video I’ll go over why press releases should be a part of your marketing and seo strategy as well as a few optimization tips. If you find these useful, please SUBSCRIBE, check out my other videos and leave me a comment with topic ideas. For more, follow me…