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Tourism Marketing Tip #13 – Use Free Press Release Sites

http://ittma.com When you put out a press release, in addition to any paid release sites an directly contacting journalists and bloggers, you should also use free press release sites. Google no longer allows links from press releases to help your main web site’s SEO, but if someone searches for you…

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News Release Distribution Services – Press Release News Media Sites Distribution Marketing Services

FULL SERVICE PRESS RELEASE SOLUTIONS HTTP://WWW.RONINPUBLICITY.COM/FULL-SERVICE-PRESS-RELEASE-SOLUTIONS/ We offer a white glove, turnkey solution for all your press release needs. Our team of authors will handle the writing and even SEO optimization of the release for you before we distribute. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Each press release…

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Top 3 Free Press Release Distribution Sites

Got big news, but a small budget? Check out the top, free, press release distribution sites. To read the full article, click here: bit.ly/2gh0wvm Ready to get known and take your business to the next level? Learn how to get free publicity at http://melaniedowney.com.

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What are the free and unlimited press release distribution websites? Press Release Q&A

http://pressreleasejet.com/answer/what-are-the-free-and-unlimited-press-release-distribution-websites-like-prbuzz/ QUESTION: What are the free and unlimited press release distribution websites like PRBuzz? PRESS RELEASE JET ANSWER: There are free press release distribution websites such as prlog.com but they provide ZERO VALUE. You get a webpage on their site that collects dust, and it may even hurt your website’s…

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Bob Merlis On The Importance of Press Releases

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Bob Merlis is the owner of Merlis For Hire, an independent publicity firm based out of Los Angeles. In this clip, Bob speaks about the useful purposes for press releases and how they are a great way to get the word out to various…

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Greg Jarboe – Press Release Optimization: Building Inbound Links

Greg Jarboe of MarketMotive.com discusses how to build inbound links in your press releases and measure their effectiveness using unique URLs.

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Hype Yourself – A Good Press Release is More Valuable Than Ever

Interview with PR Expert and Author Lucy Werner  Hyping yourself through a good press release and press kit is more valuable than ever. Yes, as marketing fully adapts to online and social media channels, the old-fashioned press release is more critical than ever to business success. And to actually get…

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How much Traffic and Business did your PRweb press release bring you? – Press Release Q&A

http://pressreleasejet.com/answer/how-much-traffic-and-business-did-your-prweb-press-release-bring-you/ QUESTION: How much Traffic and Business did your PRweb press release bring you? PRESS RELEASE JET ANSWER: Around 10 months back, I paid for a Premium PR and I found my site on USA Today, San Francisco Chronicles and around 140 more websites when I ran a Google search…

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Press Releases, Publicity and Getting Your Book in the Media with Dan Janal | PPP #15

http://www.ebookpublishingschool.com Dan Janal is the author of Reporters Are Looking for You! and several other books. He’s been working in publicity, public relations and online marketing since the earliest stages of the internet. In today’s show, Dan shares some brilliant insights into how press releases work, how to use them…

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#ADTVmasterclass How To Create A Press Release In The Music Industry (@AmaruDonTV)

Subscribe to Amaru Don TV HERE https://goo.gl/bdUUST Amaru Don TV presents part three of our ‘PR Music Masterclass’ with Music Publicist Catherine Smiles, in association with Capital Xtra’s Music Potential. Catherine explains the process of creating a professional press release for musicians. About Catherine Smiles: Catherine Smiles as a Music…