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How to Build a PR Media List to Release Your Business News

When a media situation suddenly presents itself, whether it be an important case or something in the news your law firm or medical practice wants to take a stance on, it is critical to have a targeted media list readily available so that you can release your news within minutes….

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Create Stunning Visual Press Releases With Prezly’s PR Software

Our PR software includes a rich-content press release creator, providing you with the tools needed to develop engaging and attention-grabbing press releases. From embedded social media campaigns showing off your latest CSR efforts to a catalog of product images for a new launch. All of the stories you create can…

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Business Wire Launches News Capsule Interactive Distribution Platform for Marketing…

Business Wire Launches News Capsule Interactive Distribution Platform for Marketing and Public Relations Content Business Wire press release available: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140109005921/en/Business-Wire-Launches-News-Capsule-Interactive-Distribution#.Us8fl55dXTo

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HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE. Your step-by-step guide.

Hello Beauty Beaters, This video is a mini-masterclass in press release writing. It gives you a framework for crafting and writing your own press releases. I also go through the critical dos and don’ts of writing releases. These guidelines will help you create press releases that connect with journalists and…

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Marketing Tips with Dianne Falk: Writing a Press Release

Dianne Falk of Cardinal Marketing shares some tips on how to write a press release and why you should use them to promote your business and events. http://cardinalmarketing.com http://doubleacs.com

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Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Press Releases and Public Relations [Webinar Recording]

Learn how to use search engine-optimized press releases to increase organic search traffic from Google to your website. [Webinar Recording] Public Relations is Dead, Long Live Public Relations Google’s recent “Panda” algorithm update triggered many SEO agencies around the globe to speculate that this was the end of the search…

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How to write a media release

Brett de Hoedt will make your next media release interesting to those that matter – journalists. Copywriters should book his Copy Savvy workshop: http://copywritingcourse.melbourne/ Publicists should book his Media Savvy workshop to get more media hits, more often: http://publicrelationscourses.melbourne/ Brett regularly appears on national media and his clients and their…

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How to Write a Press Release to Score Free Publicity

HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE TO SCORE FREE PUBLICITY // Press releases can be useful because it gives the journalist an overview of an event and a broad sweep of the facts. A press release is written by a public relations professional and the goal is to get the…

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75 Proven Press Release Formats & Templates, Free

http://www.ereleases.com/insider/freebooksPH.html How to write a press release, also known as a news release, is a lot easier when you have dozens of free samples and templates right at your fingertips. No more guessing about the various types of formats, how to write a headline, whether you should use the 5…

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Business Wire Bay Area Press Release Distribution Experts

Dick Bromley, Group VP discusses Business Wire’s Bay Area Roots, Local Experts and Tools for Integrated Marketers and Public Relations Pros. Business Wire’s patented platform helps leading Bay Area companies’ and organizations’ press releases and multimedia reach reporters, consumers, investors and analysts, websites, search engines and social media services. Business…