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Marketing Mix – Public Relations(Promotion Mix), Marketing Management Part – 10, Business Studies 12

Role of public relations- Press relation Product publicity Corporate communication Lobbying Counselling Image Building Facing adverse publicity Building credibility Stimulates Sales Force Lowers Promotion Costs business studies class 12

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Tourism Marketing Tip #19 – Put Your Press Release on Your Site First

http://ittma.com/tourism-marketing-tip-19-put-your-press-release-on-your-site-first/ By putting your press release on your site first, you’re doing several things. You are keeping your site active with new content, which Google likes. You’re also establishing your site as the “authority” site for that story online, as it was published there first. Even if another site publishes…

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Why Your Release Schedule is Part of Your Marketing Strategy (but You Just Don’t Know it Yet)

Are you old school? You know, take two years to record your album, then release it and hope for the best? Times have changed! Today artists don’t just quietly drop a new album and expect it to do well. We’re in the streaming era, and the old release strategy doesn’t…

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Tourism Marketing Tip #13 – Use Free Press Release Sites

http://ittma.com When you put out a press release, in addition to any paid release sites an directly contacting journalists and bloggers, you should also use free press release sites. Google no longer allows links from press releases to help your main web site’s SEO, but if someone searches for you…

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Million Guy Media – online marketing agency / promotion / press release distribution

We serve entrepreneurs, authors and different companies who want to reach more audience or get more traffic. We produce & distribute ads, promote on social media channels, do branding, seo optimization, press release distribution, viral FB contests and media placement. If you would like to experience some boost with advanced…

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Music Marketing – What Goes In a Pre-Release Marketing Plan

Subscribe for more videos! – http://kdmr.us/sub Blog – http://kdmr.us/blog Merchandise – http://shop.kdmrmusic.com ***************************************************** Releasing music without a marketing/promotion plan is a very bad idea. In this video, I break down the 5 key elements of a Pre-Release Music Marketing Plan. Including these elements will ensure that you have an engaged,…

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Bob Merlis On The Importance of Press Releases

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Bob Merlis is the owner of Merlis For Hire, an independent publicity firm based out of Los Angeles. In this clip, Bob speaks about the useful purposes for press releases and how they are a great way to get the word out to various…

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Blockchain & Crypto Advertising – Press Release Distribution, Crypto Traffic, Banner Ads…

OVER 200+ BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTO COMPANIES ALREADY KNOW The SMARTER Way To Spread The Word… The Global Crypto Press ( http://IndustryTools.GlobalCryptoPress.com ) has been the secret weapon of countless Upcoming ICO’s and IEO’s (initial exchange offering) helping with everything from press release distribution, direct crypto traffic, banner ads, and more!…

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Send Press Releases to Bloggers – Small business marketing tips – Public Relations

Small business marketing tips by Robert Imbriale Visit http://www.UltimateWealth.com for more great videos. Where do you send your press releases? Have you considered sending them to the bloggers? It may just get you the exposure you’re looking for!

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Marketing Tips with Dianne Falk: Writing a Press Release

Dianne Falk of Cardinal Marketing shares some tips on how to write a press release and why you should use them to promote your business and events. http://cardinalmarketing.com http://doubleacs.com