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Kickstarter Press Release | Kickstarter Press Release Template & Examples

Learn how to write a press release for your Kickstarter Project! This video will show you how to craft your headline, write the press release and where to send your Kickstarter press release so you get in front of over 100,000 journalists and get your press release seen on ABC,…

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How to get powerful Backlinks and Citations – Press Release Example

Press releases are a great way to get quality backlinks and citations from high authority domains. http://www.superseoconsulting.com to learn more.

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PART 3: WEBSITES & PRESS RELEASES – Motorsports Marketing Seminar

PART 3 of 4 : Motorsports Marketing – Promoting You & Your Race Team Seminar * WEBSITES & PRESS RELEASES * Presenter: Jeanette DesJardins – Founder & President of Crank It Media & Founder & President of Car Chix Location: 2017 Race & Performance Expo, Schaumburg, Illinois Credit: Bill Swanson…

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10 Rules For Writing Effective Press Releases

Press releases are an essential element of any media outreach strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces. Learn 10 rules for writing effective press releases. Get a free gift at BlessMeNikki.com! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Start Your Media Pitch With A…

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Affordable Press Releases – Release-News.com Press Release Distribution Online

FULL SERVICE PRESS RELEASE SOLUTIONS HTTP://WWW.RONINPUBLICITY.COM/FULL-SERVICE-PRESS-RELEASE-SOLUTIONS/ We offer a white glove, turnkey solution for all your press release needs. Our team of authors will handle the writing and even SEO optimization of the release for you before we distribute. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Each press release…

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The Benefits of Press Releases

We examine why Press Releases are still a great way to raise awareness of a brand, and what is necessary to make one succeed. For more information visit http://www.koozai.com

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Press Releases for Musicians – Part 1

This session discusses the use of press releases in music marketing. If you are involved or interested in music marketing or music promotion, this provides an intro to use press releases online.

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How To Write Perfect Press Releases With Steven Lewis

Get your free Author 2.0 Blueprint at: http://www.TheCreativePenn.com/blueprint Many authors want to get media attention, whether it’s to build reputation or attempt to sell more books. In today’s interview with Steven Lewis, I find out how to write perfect press releases. Steven’s background as a feature writer/ journalist and how…

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#PRESSrelease Marketing VIDEO TO ACTION Online Business Advertising GeniusBranding.com

Join the “GENIUS BRANDING” Newsletter at: http://geniusbranding.com/youtube-newsletter OR Subscribe to our YouTube Channel… You can also Follow Us on Twitter @GeniusBranding GENIUS BRANDING™ Disclaimer: All trademarks, trade names, services marks and/or logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies… Any celebrity voices used in these videos are impersonated (poorly most…

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Small Business Press Release Consultant–Topics for Press Releases

https://ezprofitsoftware.com/press-release-video-course-giveaway/ Press Releases for Small Businesses Topics for Press Releases A lot of people think that a press release has to be about something momentous that you’d find on CNN or Fox news. Nothing could be further from the truth! All your press release topic needs to do is to…