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How to Write a Press Release for a Small Business

HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE FOR A SMALL BUSINESS // Getting publicity when you’re a small business owner can be hard when you can’t afford a PR company. This video will show you what to include in your press release, the ideal length of the press release and how…

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How to use Press Release Distribution as a form of Internet Marketing – Week #12

http://www.26weekplan.com How to use Press Release Distribution as a form of Internet Marketing is Week #12 of the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan

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Como escrever um press release

MAIS INFORMAÇÃO José Antônio Rosa é palestrante, consultor, professor de pós-graduação, produtor de conteúdos, autor de livros nas áreas de gestão, carreiras, desenvolvimento pessoal, comunicação. Graduado em jornalismo, é mestre em administração pela PUC/SP, e doutor em ciências da comunicação pela USP/SP. E-books do autor na Amazon http://amzn.to/2BQKtLa Contato consultorjoserosa@gmail.com…

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One Minute Marketing Tip: Your Headline is Key to your Media Release

A headline can make or break a blog post or a release and I think we have all been there where we have been stuck on what should the headline be… Your headline is the key sentence that does so much, it can see your release read, trashed or ignored…

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What Is The Long Term Benefit Of Press Release For A Site And GMB Listing?

In episode 246 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiJ3HwYpwwg), one participant asked about the long term benefits of press release for a site and GMB listing. The exact question was: And if you’ve already gone back to cover this missed question from last week, please also ignore this re-post…

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What Is A Press Release And Should A Local Business Be Doing Press Releases

What Is A Press Release And Should A Local Business Be Doing Press Releases Press releases are an uncommon, yet powerful way to help local businesses get more customers from the internet. Press releases, or PR, help with your credibility and visibility as well. Watch this 1-minute video to discover…

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Writing a Press Release: Lori’s Press Release Sample

Learn more about writing great real estate press releases: http://loriballen.com/writing-press-releases-and-utilizing-social-media/ Get the rest of this webinar and the entire Ballen Method Training System which will teach you how to dominate the search engines focused on a target market using blogs, press releases, video, social media and more. Get it at…

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The Modern Press Release

Join Matt Sonnhalter for a Marketing Minute and learn about the modern press release and how key elements make it a strong, effective communication tool. For more information, visit http://www.sonnhalter.com/

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Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?

Should you consider press releases as a part of a product launching strategy? How does it improve your Amazon ranking? Shane Oglow, the president of prREACH company that helps Amazon sellers to create press and video releases to help sellers rank higher, explains how press releases benefit your Amazon business,…

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DIY FILM TIPS #71 – Press Release Marketing – Slices of Lasagna

Press Releases “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” What is a press release? Basically a who, what, where, and when of your project that is set up to easily allow news sources to report on you! The more you give them the easier their job is, therefor making it more…