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Prweb and Vocus Review – Using Prweb to Syndicate a Press Release for SEO

Prweb is one of the leading press release services. This video review of Prweb explains how to use Prweb step-by-step through their Vocus service to SEO a press release. (Free class materials at http://bit.ly/1Gg8Ifd). Press releases are a major SEO opportunity. Search engine optimization depends on external links, external social…

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Write Press Releases That Get Published

Bizversity is the Technology and Media spin off of the highly successful business education company, Business Blueprint. At Bizversity our mission is to grow the people that move the world forward. Because business people change things. They learn, they create, they build, they disrupt. And when they do, they influence…

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Hype Yourself – A Good Press Release is More Valuable Than Ever

Interview with PR Expert and Author Lucy Werner  Hyping yourself through a good press release and press kit is more valuable than ever. Yes, as marketing fully adapts to online and social media channels, the old-fashioned press release is more critical than ever to business success. And to actually get…

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Why Press Releases Are Worthless (Use Them for PR These 3 Ways)

http://publicityhound.com/tips/sample Press releases are one of the most important tools in your publicity kit. Nine out of 10 journalists hate press releases because most are so poorly written. Truth is, journalists rely on releases to let them know what is happening. But that’s not the main reason press releases are…

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How to Write a Press Release (Free Template)

In today’s video, we’re going to learn how to write a press release. Blog post (& free template): https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/how-to-write-a-press-release-free-template Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elegantthemes/

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Press Release Marketing Your Way To Massive Exposure

https://wp.me/P7PMmJ-2ix … Have you considered using Press Release Marketing … IMJustice Marketing … (321) 622-5756 … SuccessfulBusinessHabits@gmail.com … In their most general form, Press Releases are written communications that briefly report newsworthy events. They generally contain the who, how, why, where, and when of an event, and generally, this event…

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Press Release, News Release or Media Release?

http://www/PublicityHound.com Press releases are one of the most important tools in your publicity kit. Many DIY promoters think journalists, bloggers and others will be insulted if you call what you are writing by the wrong name. Truth is, they don’t care what you call it, as long as it’s interesting….

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077: Step-By-Step Tips on HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE for Nonprofits!

✨✨ Visit www.grantwritingandfunding.com to get the proven G.R.A.N.T.S. formula to write winning grants ✨✨ Hi Changemakers! Get your FREE downloadable with a sample Press Release by clicking here: www.grantwritingandfunding.com/77. What is a Press Release? A press release is information giving to the press to bend their ear, so they write…

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Kickstarter & Indiegogo Crowdfunding Marketing Promotion Software

www.Krowdster.co – Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing and promotion software to run your own crowdfunding marketing like a pro. Run Viral Contests, access the Backer Directory, Automated Twitter Marketing, a Press Release writing and distribution service, Media List download and two crowdfunding courses are available. Over 15,000 campaigns served.

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How to develop your online PR strategy and create a great press release or PR shots

Ken McGaffin is a writer, speaker and trainer in online marketing. He provides webinar and video training in link building, online PR and content marketing. When it comes to sending out a press release or PR shots to a newspaper there’s not much that Ken doesn’t know. I was therefore…