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DIY FILM TIPS #71 – Press Release Marketing – Slices of Lasagna

Press Releases “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” What is a press release? Basically a who, what, where, and when of your project that is set up to easily allow news sources to report on you! The more you give them the easier their job is, therefor making it more…

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Press Release Images: 1 Minute Marketing with Monique @BoxcarMarketing

If you want your press release to get shared on social media sites then you need a great image. If you want your press release to stand out in Google News and Yahoo News, then you need a great image. A great image is not the corporate logo or photo…

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HowtoAV to launch free online training for AV market [PRESS RELEASE]

HowToAV.tv is a free and impartial video channel providing tips, techniques and training for the professional Audio Visual integrator and AV end user. Sponsored by CIE-Group, Marketing Director Chris Edwards describes how #HowToAV delivers bite-sized video casts on the latest AV and electronics technologies and installation guidance whilst avoiding the…

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PR duds: What makes press releases underperform?

Search engines prefer natural language, not jargon or marketing-speak, says Sarah Skerik, vice president of content marketing for PR Newswire. So do readers, including reporters. Write naturally and use good grammar, and your news release will get much better results, she says. This video is part of Ragan’s new distance-learning…

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Marketing Tips with Dianne Falk: Writing a Press Release

Dianne Falk of Cardinal Marketing shares some tips on how to write a press release and why you should use them to promote your business and events. http://cardinalmarketing.com http://doubleacs.com

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Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Press Releases and Public Relations [Webinar Recording]

Learn how to use search engine-optimized press releases to increase organic search traffic from Google to your website. [Webinar Recording] Public Relations is Dead, Long Live Public Relations Google’s recent “Panda” algorithm update triggered many SEO agencies around the globe to speculate that this was the end of the search…

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Press Release Distribution Services – Free – Pay What You Want

My recommended books, products, and equipment: https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/benlovegrove Did you enjoy this video? Please consider leaving a tip: https://paypal.me/redspan Would you like to sponsor more videos like this? Please visit: https://www.patreon.com/redspan Press Release Distribution Services – Free – Pay What You Think It’s Worth Have you ever spent hours preparing a…

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Why Kickstarter Project Creators Use Press Releases

Press coverage is a key component of any successful Kickstarter campaign. Hiring a publicist can cost thousands of dollars — money that would better spent otherwise on the Kickstarter project. Many Kickstarter projects have chose PR Distribution as their Kickstarter PR partner. PR Distribution is a leading provider in the…

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Aprenda Estratégias de Marketing usadas por Grandes Artistas » https://hotstages.com/curso-de-marketing-musical Sem dúvida o release é a ferramenta mais usada por todo tipo de pessoa ou empresa que precisa aparecer nos veículos de comunicação. Mas infelizmente é nesta parte que a grande parte dos artistas iniciantes começa a se comprometer e…

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Top Tips for writing a killer press release

My best tips for writing a killer press release that gets you published in magazines, newspapers and online