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How to Write and Submit a Press Release to Journalists

Here’s the link to the press release and at the bottom are the press release website links: http://www.docdroid.net/evpst9z And PLEASE support my Kickstarter campaign, I will greatly appreciate it: http://kck.st/1ZbEjvp

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PUBLIC RELATIONS vs. Advertising vs.Marketing

Enough of the childish social media challenges going around – example: “bottle cap”/”b&w filter”/”kiki challenges”/”don’t rush”. Let’s UP our games. Have an insight to share on your industry? Have something to add about #publicrelations I may not have mentioned in this video? Think I can add more about #advertising or…

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Are You Paying Too Much? | Let Us Market Your Press Release | iCrowdNewswire

iCrowdNewswire offers accurate demographic targeting, thus defining audiences by age group, industry, and interests. Reach the desired group of people within no time. Select any super-premium websites from 3 million websites based in the U.S. 700,000 based in the UK and 114,000 in the Benelux Region. Social Pages: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iCrowdNewswire…

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How to Make Press Release Marketing Work with Mickie Kennedy | Marketing Expedition Podcast

Mickie Kennedy founded eReleases 22+ years ago to help small businesses, authors, and startups increase their visibility and credibility through press release marketing. He lives in the Baltimore area. 0:00 – 0:24 Mickie’s Bio 0:24 – 1:46 Schedule Once Offer https://www.peppershock.com/product/schedule-once-offer/ 1:46 – 3:37 Marketing Essentials 3:37 – 4:00 Welcome…

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How to Write a Press Release for an Event

Press Release Power (PRP) is the Best Press Release Distribution Service Network site where You can Submit Press Release Online for Prospective Customers. Get in Touch! Website – www.pressreleasepower.com Skype – shalabh.mishra Telegram – shalabhmishra Whatsapp – +919212306116 Email – contact@pressreleasepower.com #PR #PressRelease #Marketing #SEO

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How to Write A Press Release That’s SEO Friendly

How to write a press release thats SEO friendly and PR backlinks overview that your business website receives. I’ll cover the key elements that go into writing a seo-friendly press release for your business and the varied power that you get from PR link building. Some tips and takeaways that…

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14 tips to increase press release engagement that every PR person should know with Serena Ehrlich

Learn what you can be doing to increase your news release engagement and how you can use commercial newswires to your benefit with Serena Ehrlich, director of product marketing at Business Wire. She is responsible for Business Wire’s go-to-market marketing strategy, including initiating consumer discovery, supervising product releases, developing market-oriented…

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Local SEO Press Release Tips

https://youtube.com/watch?v=QmO-zeFBwPU In this Local SEO Tips video, a POWERFUL press-release strategy to maximize your SEO efforts. I wanted to share a some press release tips that will help aid your local business website by simply including your press release PDF file along with including some of your other authoritative links…

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Press Release Marketing with Mickie Kennedy, Dragon Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 48

Get The Free Buyer Persona Template: https://dragon-digital-marketing.com/offers/buyer-persona.html Episode Shownotes: https://www.dragon-digital-marketing.com/podcast/episode-48/press-release-marketing-ep-48.html Learn how to establish a media presence, elevate your credibility and increase sales with press releases. Press release marketing can give small businesses access to the media and to a national newswire — all with a personal touch. Press play…

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Press Release Power Guidelines

Press Release Power offers Complete Marketing Solutions for your online business. If you are interested in Press Release Distribution and other details, you are welcome to the Press Release Distribution Service site. Get in Touch! Website – https://www.pressreleasepower.com/ Skype – shalabh.mishra Telegram – shalabhmishra Whatsapp – +919212306116 Email – contact@pressreleasepower.com…