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HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE. Your step-by-step guide.

Hello Beauty Beaters, This video is a mini-masterclass in press release writing. It gives you a framework for crafting and writing your own press releases. I also go through the critical dos and don’ts of writing releases. These guidelines will help you create press releases that connect with journalists and…

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HubSpot’s Press Release Grader Overview

Overview of HubSpot’s Press Release Grader Internet Marketing tool which evaluates news releases and produces a report to help improve your PR program.

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PR duds: What makes press releases underperform?

Search engines prefer natural language, not jargon or marketing-speak, says Sarah Skerik, vice president of content marketing for PR Newswire. So do readers, including reporters. Write naturally and use good grammar, and your news release will get much better results, she says. This video is part of Ragan’s new distance-learning…

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How to write a media release

Brett de Hoedt will make your next media release interesting to those that matter – journalists. Copywriters should book his Copy Savvy workshop: http://copywritingcourse.melbourne/ Publicists should book his Media Savvy workshop to get more media hits, more often: http://publicrelationscourses.melbourne/ Brett regularly appears on national media and his clients and their…

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Beware The Press Release

Get small business public relations and SEO content marketing strategy to help your business grow fast from the team at Rembrandt Communications, www.rembrandtwrites.com. PR for small businesses can be affordable and fun!

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75 Proven Press Release Formats & Templates, Free

http://www.ereleases.com/insider/freebooksPH.html How to write a press release, also known as a news release, is a lot easier when you have dozens of free samples and templates right at your fingertips. No more guessing about the various types of formats, how to write a headline, whether you should use the 5…

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How to use your press release as a marketing tool: Host Whitney Keyes

Marketing expert Whitney Keyes talks about the importance of a strategic press release and gives tips on how it can be used as a marketing tool to reach traditional and social media.

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Business development tips on reaching customers with press releases

Top business development tips from David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, tells you why the press release is still a great tool, and shows you how to use it to reach more customers. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as…

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Marketing for Indies – PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers

Learn how to market your indie game with little to no money, tips and tricks for getting press coverage and the best ways to engage with and create fans! Handout links below!!! 3 hour class with Jack Dalrymple from Cap And Cut http://capandcut.com and Albino Lullaby http://albinolullaby.com for Playcrafting Boston…

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The Benefits of Press Releases

We examine why Press Releases are still a great way to raise awareness of a brand, and what is necessary to make one succeed. For more information visit http://www.koozai.com