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This Media Pitch Template Will Help You Land More PR

✍️🗞️Aight, let’s do this—my goal is by the end of this video, you learn how to write a pitch email … and do it. Before I started my business, I worked in marketing & PR—I actually loved sending out pitches and trying to secure media coverage for my clients. It…

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TV Anchor’s Press Release Tips & Media Training

Let Mark help you with media coaching or strategy, online or in-person. View: http://markgrimm.com/WhatWeOffer/albanymediarelations.php. Give him a call to talk one-on-one at no charge. He’s an ex-TV news anchor with plenty of insider’s advice on writing, visuals and journalists’ needs with strong examples.

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Pitch vs. Press Release: What’s the Difference?

Do you understand the difference between a media pitch and a press release? This video explains the basics!

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In this video, Jordan Baker ex-journalist and now CEO of Sanity Marketing reveals 5 signs your Press Release is a real stinker – and how to avoid those mistakes. More at www.sanity-marketing.com/vlog