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How to Write a Music Press Release Fast and Easy

Go to http://www.promoteyourmusic.net/course for my FREE 14 Day Music Marketing Course and fast start guide. How to Write a Music Press Release

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Music Marketing – What Goes In a Pre-Release Marketing Plan

Subscribe for more videos! – http://kdmr.us/sub Blog – http://kdmr.us/blog Merchandise – http://shop.kdmrmusic.com ***************************************************** Releasing music without a marketing/promotion plan is a very bad idea. In this video, I break down the 5 key elements of a Pre-Release Music Marketing Plan. Including these elements will ensure that you have an engaged,…

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Making a Music Press Kit : Music Press Release Tips

Music press releases are the first chance in a press kit to tell the reader what the artist is about and how good they are. Learn how to create your own music press kit and stand out from every other artist with this free video from a professional musician. Expert:…

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How to Write a Press Release — DIY Touring — Ep. 8

Set marketing goals for yourself — this way, you’ll be able to talk about your band’s successes in press releases. These press releases will hook journalists and fans alike on your tunes, building a larger fanbase for your band. This is episode 8 of Soundfly’s free course Touring On A…

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Marketing your Press Release for more Backlinks and more Market reach

Marketing your Press Release for more Backlinks and more Market reach Do you know the reason why most internet businesses fail? It’s really quite simple. They don’t have anyone visiting their website because they have got their advertising strategy wrong. The internet has become so big that it can mean…

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Music Marketing 101: When To Start Promoting A New Song

Why Labels Start Promoting Songs 3 Months Before Release Today we are making you smarter by talking about when you should start promoting a new song. That’s right, you need to start promoting it BEFORE release. Make the plan BEFORE the new song comes out. Music Marketing takes a lot…