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Planning Your Release Strategy

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How To Release Your Music With Zero Fans – 5 Step Guide

How to release your music with zero fans – a guide in how to build your fan base from the ground up that you can implement today. Let me know your thoughts below! ——- ⚡ Join my Music Business Academy DKMBA: https://www.dk-mba.com (Work with me on your music!) 📲 FREE…

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How Many Album Singles Should You Release? – (Marketing for Record Labels)

►► Download my FREE MARKETING CHECKLIST at http://otherrecordlabels.com/marketing Let’s talk about how many (pre-release) singles we should release from an album, leading up to the album’s release. Running and starting a record label isn’t hard and I’m excited to help you promote your album releases and help you create a…

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10 Things You Need To Do AS SOON As You Release A Song (IMMEDIATELY) | Music Promotion

Have you ever released a song and found it doesn’t get the recognition, streams or YouTube views it deserves? Well this video will explain 10 things that every musician can be doing immediately after they’ve released their song to promote the track and increase streams, YouTube views and engage a…

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How To RELEASE an Album (That Fans Actually Buy) | MUSIC MARKETING

Want to know how to release an album with a marketing strategy that ACTUALLY builds fans and SELLS music and merchandise? You’re going to want to know about this then… FREE WORKBOOK: https://indepreneur.io/album-launch-workbook Over the last 3 years, we’ve helped hundreds of independent musicians build audiences and sell albums using…

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How To Promote Your Debut Release

Check out the Burstimo site here: https://www.burstimo.com — Today I have another guest video for you. Maddy and Alex run a music marketing agency here in the UK called Burstimo, and they’re going to take you through the process of releasing and marketing your debut release – and making sure…

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Top Music Press Release Tips

Top Music Press Release Tips Top 10 Music Press Release Tips

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Why Your Release Schedule is Part of Your Marketing Strategy (but You Just Don’t Know it Yet)

Are you old school? You know, take two years to record your album, then release it and hope for the best? Times have changed! Today artists don’t just quietly drop a new album and expect it to do well. We’re in the streaming era, and the old release strategy doesn’t…

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Music Marketing – What Goes In a Pre-Release Marketing Plan

Subscribe for more videos! – http://kdmr.us/sub Blog – http://kdmr.us/blog Merchandise – http://shop.kdmrmusic.com ***************************************************** Releasing music without a marketing/promotion plan is a very bad idea. In this video, I break down the 5 key elements of a Pre-Release Music Marketing Plan. Including these elements will ensure that you have an engaged,…