9.Sep, 2019 0

Launching Your Product: Here’s What To Do Before Anything Else

Join Online Business Mastery Accelerator: Online Business Mastery Accelerator | Signup Today! In this video I share with you a process for launching your product. Here’s what to do before anything else. The purpose of a product launch is to drive traffic and sales to your online business, so that…

28.Jul, 2019 0

Why Kickstarter Project Creators Use Press Releases

Press coverage is a key component of any successful Kickstarter campaign. Hiring a publicist can cost thousands of dollars — money that would better spent otherwise on the Kickstarter project. Many Kickstarter projects have chose PR Distribution as their Kickstarter PR partner. PR Distribution is a leading provider in the…

19.Jul, 2019 0

Craft Your Small Business Press Release

Running a small business means being adept at multiple roles in the organization. This is a huge workload, and the more you can do to make your systems efficient, the better your business will run. You’re in charge of running the core business and leading the company. The more time…

12.Apr, 2019 0

How to pitch your press release

Getting media coverage for your organisation can sometimes be hard – but it doesn’t have to be impossible. In a previous post I provided you with the 8 key things to include when pitching your press release and now it’s time to give you some tips on how you make…

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Small Business Marketing Minute Episode 41:Writing Press Releases

http://www.redpointmarketingconsultants.com/marketingminute — Learn simple, affordable, and practical marketing tips for your small business in this 5-day a week video podcast. In today’s episode, I teach you how to write great press releases for your business, so you can “get your name in the paper”.