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Write Press Releases so the Media will Use them

Having trouble getting the media to pick up your press releases? The problem could lie in the way you write them. Christopher Nelson of the University of Utah Health Care explains how to start a press release that will grab reporters and editors. This clip is excerpted from a Ragan…

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‘Kill the press release’: Brand journalism at Coca-Cola Journey

Learn more about the full session: http://goo.gl/IOxH7m —- Coke’s Ashley Brown tells how the soft drink company uses its ambitious brand journalism project, Coca-Cola Journey, to tell its own story. The digital magazine has been so successful, the company is planning to ditch news releases altogether. This clip is from…

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What are the free and unlimited press release distribution websites? Press Release Q&A

http://pressreleasejet.com/answer/what-are-the-free-and-unlimited-press-release-distribution-websites-like-prbuzz/ QUESTION: What are the free and unlimited press release distribution websites like PRBuzz? PRESS RELEASE JET ANSWER: There are free press release distribution websites such as prlog.com but they provide ZERO VALUE. You get a webpage on their site that collects dust, and it may even hurt your website’s…

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How much Traffic and Business did your PRweb press release bring you? – Press Release Q&A

http://pressreleasejet.com/answer/how-much-traffic-and-business-did-your-prweb-press-release-bring-you/ QUESTION: How much Traffic and Business did your PRweb press release bring you? PRESS RELEASE JET ANSWER: Around 10 months back, I paid for a Premium PR and I found my site on USA Today, San Francisco Chronicles and around 140 more websites when I ran a Google search…

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Beware The Press Release

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Kickstarter Press Release | Kickstarter Press Release Template & Examples

Learn how to write a press release for your Kickstarter Project! This video will show you how to craft your headline, write the press release and where to send your Kickstarter press release so you get in front of over 100,000 journalists and get your press release seen on ABC,…

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The Benefits of Press Releases

We examine why Press Releases are still a great way to raise awareness of a brand, and what is necessary to make one succeed. For more information visit http://www.koozai.com

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The Power of a Press Release

Excerpt from Inc. By Marla Tabaka Size doesn’t matter. Story does. Any business is capable of being newsworthy, but reporters have to know about your news to cover your story. That’s why it’s so important to send out press releases. Reporters search for fresh stories every day. So, start by…

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Press Release SEO Brand Building for Startups (3 STEPS!)

Learn how to leverage press release marketing to build your brand in Google and other search engines in 3 EASY steps! Start your press release today at http://pressreleasejet.com!