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Sending a press release can seem like a hefty task. But if it is divided into several small steps, it can become straightforward. The first step, of course, is to write the press release. Once that part is done and dusted, the process to send a press release begins. Knowing how, when, and who to send a press release is an important step and must be followed to maximize the chances of delivering the press release to the right audience. Each step discussed in this blog is from the personal experience of sending a press release. They are likely to be successful in most scenarios.

Create a Strong Contact List to Send a Press Release Creating a Contact List

Knowing who to target should always be the first step of any press release marketing department. Having the right people in the contact list provides the foundation for sending out a press release. A list should be created. Tools like Microsoft Excel can be used for the purpose of making the list. It should contain the name of the person as well as the contact number and email address. A separate list should be created for online media outlets such as blogs, influencers, and others. Another list should be made for traditional news outlets, such as TV channels and Newspapers.

You must be wondering how this contact list can be made. Well, that is not very difficult anymore. Almost every journalist or news organization has some contact information online. LinkedIn is a very good platform that consists of professional accounts for everyone. Through it, anyone can easily find the required contact information about any individual. LinkedIn is the most professional platform for approaching a person. Almost every account contains genuine and authentic information about the person. Other than LinkedIn, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to collect contact information about the relevant journalists and media personalities.

Building Relationships with Traditional News Outlets
Even though it may seem like no one reads the newspaper or watches TV anymore that is not the case. A lot of relevant journalists can be extracted from traditional news outlets. By doing a Google search, you can easily find the local newspaper publishers or television show producers. It must be thoroughly researched whether they publish news and press releases related to your field or not. If they do so, their contact point must be extracted. But they should not be reached out directly.

There is always a person in their teams who is designated to pick up a story. You should approach that person and their number and email address should be added into your contact list. If a website does not have the required contact number, look up their profile on LinkedIn. There you can easily find the profile of the journalist and contact that person, pitch them your idea, and ask them for their contact information.

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