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Startup press releases: How to write a press release for your startup (with example)

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Startup press releases: How to write a press release for your startup (with example)

Writing a press release for your startup can be a challenge. Most startup founders lack PR (public relations) experience and PR agencies can cost more than most startups can afford. So how do you garner media coverage for your startup with a press release?

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The first step is knowing how to write a press release for your startup. In this video, I’ll share what I’ve learned about writing startup press releases over the past 25+ years.

Topics include: How should the press release be structured? What is the preferred flow of the content? When is it okay to be subjective and opinionated versus being objective and factual?

Plus I’ll provide you with to a press release template to help guide you as you write your own release for your startup.

Have more questions? You can book time with me on Superpeer to get feedback on your startup press release or to talk about anything having to do with startups. (There’s also a Superpeer discount in the video.)

00:00 Bump
00:44 Intro
02:29 Press releases for startups
03:11 Traditional writing vs Press releases
05:27 Example press release
06:04 Press release component: Current status
08:14 Press release component: Headline & Subhed
09:50 Press release component: Lede
12:04 Press release component: Second paragraph
13:23 Press release component: Quote
15:11 Press release component: Closing paragraph
16:11 Press release component: Boilerplate
17:09 Press release component: Contact info
21:41 Links to download presentation and press release (BONUS: Superpeer discount code)

About Rick Turoczy
I’ve been working with VC backed startups for more than 25 years. During that time, I’ve been doing everything I can to help founders like you succeed.



Inaugural virtual community event features mentorship on press releases for startups

December 10, 2020 — PORTLAND, Ore. — PIE (, a Portland-based nonprofit startup accelerator designed to provide mentorship for founders building software, hardware, and consumer products companies, has today launched a new series of free public-facing events as part of an effort to share learnings and best practices with the broader startup community, beginning with the topic of “press releases for startups” which will be live streamed December 10, 2020, at noon Pacific Time via Superpeer (

For more than a decade, PIE has served as a hub of startup activity in the Portland metropolitan area, providing peer and expert mentorship for startups selected to participate in its exclusive annual program, a program traditionally hosted in physical office space. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and a transition to fully remote work, PIE has refactored its offerings into a virtual program held completely online. Since that programming is no longer constrained by a physical space, PIE is actively working to make some of its mentoring sessions more accessible to a broader audience.

“We’re launching this ongoing series with a discussion of press releases because every single startup founder desperately wants and needs media coverage to promote their companies,” said Rick Turoczy, cofounder and general manager of PIE, who will host the inaugural session. “But we also understand that effectively engaging with media can be a confusing process for founders. In our experience, press releases continue to be one of the most critical —yet completely misunderstood—tools in media relations for startups, so it seemed like a good spot to start.”

Upcoming topics in this series of talks will explore topics like additional facets of an effective media engagement strategy, tips and tricks for storytelling and pitching, social media for startups, and the variety of options and opportunities for funding early stage startup activity in addition to equity-based financing options presented by venture capital, among others.

About PIE
Founded in 2009, PIE is an ongoing experiment designed to enable established organizations — corporations, government, and educational institutions, among others — to collaborate with the Portland, Oregon, startup community in mutually beneficial ways. Throughout its history, PIE has served as a curated coworking space, a community event space, a startup accelerator, a flashpoint for corporate innovation, an accelerator for accelerators, and a home-away-from-home for startup types — and the startup curious — from around the world. PIE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization through its fiscal sponsor, Built Oregon. For more information, visit


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