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13.Nov, 2019 0

How to develop your online PR strategy and create a great press release or PR shots

Ken McGaffin is a writer, speaker and trainer in online marketing. He provides webinar and video training in link building, online PR and content marketing. When it comes to sending out a press release or PR shots to a newspaper there’s not much that Ken doesn’t know. I was therefore…

12.Nov, 2019 0

Press Releases, Publicity and Getting Your Book in the Media with Dan Janal | PPP #15 Dan Janal is the author of Reporters Are Looking for You! and several other books. He’s been working in publicity, public relations and online marketing since the earliest stages of the internet. In today’s show, Dan shares some brilliant insights into how press releases work, how to use them…

11.Nov, 2019 0

#ADTVmasterclass How To Create A Press Release In The Music Industry (@AmaruDonTV)

Subscribe to Amaru Don TV HERE Amaru Don TV presents part three of our ‘PR Music Masterclass’ with Music Publicist Catherine Smiles, in association with Capital Xtra’s Music Potential. Catherine explains the process of creating a professional press release for musicians. About Catherine Smiles: Catherine Smiles as a Music…

10.Nov, 2019 0

How to Structure Press Releases for Luxury Real Estate Last week, I answered a question of one of my viewers, Brian, who asked a question about one of my recent videos on Public Relations, Luxury PR: “…Just watched your video with the butler, I think you should call him ‘dad’. Good piece of PR, but is there…

9.Nov, 2019 0

Using Press Releases to Promote Your Business – Press releases are a great resource for promoting a local business. Tristan explores 3 ways to promote your business using online press releases. iMatrix: ChiroMatrix: VetMatrix:

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Press Release Marketing Services


7.Nov, 2019 0

Social Media News / Press Release

An overview of the Social Media News / Press Release (SMNR/SMPR) from RealWire (formerly webitpr) the UK online news release distribution company. Visit to find out more.

6.Nov, 2019 0

PR pros: Write press releases for search engines

Michael Pranikoff from PR Newswire explains why it’s imperative to write news release so search engines can find your content. That means using links, keywords, and ditching superfluous words.

5.Nov, 2019 0

Payment Tips, Content Training And Using Press Release Categories Effectively If you are planning to use ecommerce solutions, get the best recommendations from James Schramko… In this episode: 00:05 – When should you expect payment? 00:32 – Why it’s smarter to get paid upfront 01:14 – How do you become more visible on social networks? 01:19 – Using your…

4.Nov, 2019 0

How to Build a PR Media List to Release Your Business News

When a media situation suddenly presents itself, whether it be an important case or something in the news your law firm or medical practice wants to take a stance on, it is critical to have a targeted media list readily available so that you can release your news within minutes….