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SEO Tutorial Create a Press Release to Attract Thousands of Visitors Seo tips

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SEO Tutorial Create a Press Release to Attract Thousands of Visitors Seo tips

Create a Press Release to Attract Visitors:
A Press Release is a fantastic communication piece for your site that can be more effective than advertising. It is the workhorse of traditional PR.
Why is it important to write a press release? Well, because it is an excellent way to increase traffic to both your website and your social media sites. It builds credibility for your business and also gives you a quality backlink that from authority sites that helps you in the search engine ranking position.
Press releases are an excellent way to attract thousands of targeted visitors as well as improve the search engine ranking of your sites.
There are no guarantees that your media releases will be picked up right away and writers are going to be willing to write about your story. But, there is a chance that if you have a compelling story, newsworthy information about some new product or anything that is attractive to the audience, then you are going to be most likely to get exposure.
Press releases can be a powerful tool in your marketing plan and it’s something that you can’t miss out.

Create or Outsource Your Press Release:
Doing press releases is no harder than writing articles. In fact,it is very similar to writing an article and submitting it to multiple directories.
The only difference between a general article and a press release is that press releases are written in a journalistic tone. You can create a press release yourself or if not you can also head onto and outsource a quality press release from a professional at a really low price.

Submit Your Press Release to PR Websites:
Some websites that you can submit your Press Release are: which is a directory of businesses, products and services, paid and free press release distribution, and online publication of articles and reviews. which is a free press release and news wire distribution service to corporations, PR agencies, market research, business journalists, freelance writers, news content providers. which is a leader in the online press release distribution industry. is also great, and all submissions are free, and news releases remain in the searchable archives indefinitely.
You can also do a Google search and find a lot of websites where you can submit your press release.

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