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Public Relations: 7 Best Strategies for Small Business

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Public Relations: 7 Best Strategies for Small Business

Starting with your small business, getting your brand noticed, and growing your company can be challenging. But, with proper public relations (PR) strategies, you can get more people talking about your company and drive more customers.

The best thing about PR is that it doesn’t cost much. There are many ways to implement these strategies without spending a fortune.

Discover the most effective ways to grow your small business with these seven PR techniques:
1. Get your business in front of the right people – start sending Newsletters

2. Get the word out about your products/services on Social Media

3. Reach out directly to influencers and bloggers

4. Use video marketing as a promotional tool

5. Use your website for marketing purposes

6. Master the press release

7. Give back to your community

The best public relations campaigns combine a number of these strategies, so be creative in choosing the ones that work for you!

0:00 Intro
0:45 Newsletters
1:08 Social Media
1:50 Influencers & Bloggers
2:06 Video Marketing
2:24 Website
2:34 Press Release
3:40 Community
3:55 Conclusion

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