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Press Releases for Small Businesses–Press Releases and SEO–Local Marketing

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Press Releases for Small Businesses–Press Releases and SEO–Local Marketing

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Press Releases for Small Businesses

Press releases and SEO

According to the quality of the platform you publish on, press releases can have a HUGE impact on your (or your client’s) website rankings. The better sites like PRWeb have a lot of authority from a search engine optimization point of view, and links from there back to the pages on your site carry a lot of “link juice”. In addition, with quality platforms like PRWeb (and others), your press release will get published on other authoritative sites, this increasing even more the “link juice” coming back into your website. All of this is going to really help you rank for your target keywords. Just make sure you research those keywords well and do your linking in a way that lets the search engines know what the keywords are! (Not to mention that you’ll need to actually write the press release with your target keywords and semantically related keywords in mind.)

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