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Press Release Secrets: A Journalist Reveals the Right Way to Use Press Releases

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14.Oct, 2018 0 Marketing in Guelph

Press Release Secrets: A Journalist Reveals the Right Way to Use Press Releases

Get Free Publicity Every Time With The Perfect Press Release!

3 x bonuses Included: 

1) The most perfect, best working, press release template in the world! 

This 100% effective guaranteed-to-work-every-time press release template – if you follow this template, your success is assured, every time! 

2) My personal rolodex of press release sites you can use! 

Use the sites to get your press release into the hands of the journalists. 

3) My personal, effective, Press Release Cheat Sheet! 

Make sure every press release you send is perfect – every time. 

This book is based on my best selling, $299, video training course – and is written in my friendly, easy to follow, style! 

Every time you see a company being mentioned or interviewed on TV, on radio or in a newspaper or magazine, it started with a press release. 

Every time. 

And that could be you and your company being featured. 

Whatever the size of your company – journalists WANT your story. 

It keeps us journalists in a job, after all! 

You can get massive amounts of publicity, on TV, radio in newspapers and magazines and online, for free or for a few pennies. 

Much cheaper than buying adverts. 

And much more trusted by your potential customers of course! 

This course, in under an hour, will make you an expert. And it’s totally risk-free! 

As a journalist, I personally receive over a thousand press releases in my email each day. 

Yes, I know that sounds impossible, but it’s a side effect of being a reasonably well known journalist! 

Over 95% of them don’t get read, though! 

The headline doesn’t appeal to me / isn’t relevant to me / doesn’t attract me / doesn’t make sense. (Sometimes a combination of all four!) 

Another 4% get opened and binned within seconds. 

About 5 (that’s a half of one per cent!) a day get followed up. 

I will only use and publish one or two of these (on TV, radio, online). 

But I miss some good stories, because the release is written all wrong. 

This course shows you what to do right. 

You can use press releases the way I show you and be very successful indeed. 

What Are You Going To Get From This Book? 

Learn how to Issue successful press releases, over and over again. 

Learn what to add – and what not to! 

See what goes into getting a press release published – on TV, radio or in the press. 

Using the included template, easily and quickly create a press release about your company or product. 

Using the included checklist, make 100% sure that your press release is perfect. 

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