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Press Release Relevancy – Mickie Kennedy – Hard Corps Marketing Show – Episode #277

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26.Mar, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Press Release Relevancy – Mickie Kennedy – Hard Corps Marketing Show – Episode #277

If you’re looking for the golden rules when it comes to anything around public relations then this is the episode for you! Mickie Kennedy is with us, a press release and public relations expert with a vast knowledge on the subject, helping you figure out exactly how to utilize these tools that are at your disposal!

Busted Myths:

~Press releases aren’t old fashion marketing that that just don’t work any longer.


~One press release can turn into many other opportunities.
~Writing a newsworthy release to gather media attention is the most effective way to put out reputable information.
~Writing your own press release can be beneficial, they have a simplistic style that you can tell in your own voice.
~Press releases can be used as a way to generate interest for other larger media outlets to then generate even more interest.
~If you’re willing to go against what others are saying then it’s more likely that you’ll be picked up by another media outlet.
~If you aren’t afraid to disagree with some of the more popular opinions, then be ready to alienate some groups.
~In your trade, publications are opportunities.

Quote of the Show:

~“And you really should do a series of press releases, a proper PR campaign in order to see what works. And a lot of people will try a single press release. And just, take press releases off their marketing to-do list because it didn’t work. And that’s a shame because a proper PR campaign is like usually four to eight press releases on different strategies, hooks angles, and only then after you’ve done that, can you determine whether press releases are gonna work for you or not?” – Mickie Kennedy



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