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Press Release News Media Sites Distribution Marketing Services

Let The Premium Press Release News Distribution Service Helping You To Boost Your Product Brand Name Awareness & Increase the Trust Of Your Targeted Audience.

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What Do You Get From This Press News Marketing Service?

1) Increase your product Brand Name Awareness & Trust of the online audience through premium press sites.

2) Increase your company’s website potential traffic online.

3) Increase your website backlinks which your site URL will be found on other sites.

4) Increase your website Google pages search index.

5) Research & find the best-targeted keywords in your business niche to the Article Title which will increase the search visibility on Google.

6) Increase your website Alexa Global Ranking Position, check like this:

7) Increase your news on social media sites exposure.

8) Track the performance of your marketing clicks by using tools like Shorten URL and Google Analytics.

9) Use all information in this marketing campaign to leverage your marketing effort and trust when talking to your potential business clients.

10) Use major news site logo to make a Press Banner on your Homepage like ‘As Seen As On Press’ to boost your company trust of the online audience.

11) We send your news to up to 500 hundreds of premium news sites including the FOX NEWS, NBC NEWS, SILICONVALLEY.COM and the WALLSTREET.COM as well as local news outlets across the USA.

12) Go Viral! Your news article will have a high chance of going viral when your targeted audience reads your company’s compelling story and decides to share your news link on their social media profiles.

13) Massive press release submissions mean increased exposure, increased changes to go viral and more traffic to your site, eventually bringing more conversion sales to your business.

14) A Small Investment With Huge Potential – compare your budget to traditional newspaper advertising. It’s still cheaper and worth the investment.

15) No Add-On Costs – when you pay for this press release service, that’s the final one- time cost. You don’t need to budget for pay-per-click fees that you find using advertising with Google search results.

16) Instantly see your final PDF file report. You’ll see how many people read your news, how many clicks to your site, how many news indexes are picked up by major news sites, how many Google pages search index, etc.

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