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Press Release Marketing Your Way To Massive Exposure

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Press Release Marketing Your Way To Massive Exposure … Have you considered using Press Release Marketing …
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In their most general form, Press Releases are written communications that briefly report newsworthy events. They generally contain the who, how, why, where, and when of an event,
and generally, this event is tied to a business or organization. (Although, it doesn’t have to be. Public figures use Press Releases frequently to get the word out about what they’re involved in.) … this video link … main website … blog website

For small to medium-sized businesses, the uses of Press Releases are somewhat more focused.
Normally, we take an event tied to the organization, issue a Press Release, and use that to create “buzz” about that business. This buzz naturally results in greater exposure, and more business.

Press Releases can impact businesses in a number of ways. Press Release Marketing (the process of creating, publishing, and using Press Releases in a unified Marketing plan for businesses) is a powerful tool. Readers, both on and offline, tend to view Press Releases in a different light than advertising. They’re less skeptical of the claims and of the business. (We’re all so jaded … we tend to dismiss anything that’s communicated to us through ads.)

Your average Press Release is three to four hundred words long. Rarely longer, but it can be longer if needed. A good Press Release focuses on one single newsworthy event. If a business has more events to talk about, then multiple Press Releases would be needed. … Press Release website page

The term “newsworthy event” covers a lot of ground. Basically, this means anything of note, of importance, that’s happened to or happening in the business. Topics such as new product launches, new employees, new financing for the business, new headquarters, new stores … anything that you can attach the word new to, those are the topics that are perfect for a Press Release.


Before the Internet, Press Releases were normally distributed by mail to various news organizations. Today, we don’t mail Press Releases to reporters (although you can). We use online publishing services, to publish the Press Release. The publishing platform takes care of all the distribution. (Having said that, make sure you read Chapter 8: After You Publish Your Press Release. There’s much more that can be done with Press Releases than just publishing them.)

Of course, Press Releases should be part and parcel of a greater Marketing effort for the business.
Multimedia Press Releases have become very important over the past few years. A multimedia Press Release is one that contains media other than just text. This could be images, infographics, videos, PDF reports, whitepapers, and more, or a combination of many of the above. For each of these additions to the Press Release, there’s more that can be done.

As an example. Let’s say you publish a Press Release about a new product, and you include a video of a product demonstration. Well, that video is a very valuable Marketing asset in its own right. The video can be published on YouTube, Vimeo, and across multiple platforms. … our YouTube Channel

The more you disseminate the video content, the more exposure you get. This is all great, and it all
starts with a Press Release announcing a true, newsworthy event. There are various ways that Press Release Marketing can positively impact your business, and I’ll dive in to how to find the best newsworthy events for you to announce.

As always, if you need any help with this, I’m available.

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(321) 622-5756 … Have you considered using Press Release Marketing …
IMJustice Marketing … (321) 622-5756 … …

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