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Press Release Marketing Addison Publicity and Visibility

How can you use the web to get publicity and customers for your service, while you boost your visibility in the search engines

The excellent way is using, Press Releases.

A press release tells the media about your news and gives them an opportunity to publish your service’s story. If there’s something exciting going on in your service, this is an excellent way to spread some buzz and get attention!

It’s Not an Advertisement, It’s News

You get more customers, more sales, more visibility, more integrity and more search engine attention by having us write and distribute a powerful news-making press release about your service!

We syndicate your custom-made press release to at least 1000+ media web sites that receive the most attention from editors and reporters. My partners and I have setup a press distribution network that you can access below. This is similar to services such as PRWeb and includes major media outlets and high authority blogs including the ones visualized below (when I wrote this, it was accurate, but may be subject to change). As you can envision this list is updated on a regular basis with some added and some subtracted at all times. The ones below tend to stay, but you never know. We will get your press release distributed to over a thousand media web sites.

Editors and reporters can read your press release and make a decision whether to print it or to follow up with you for more details. This is a good way for you to be seen as the expert. You hear service instructors talking about it all the time: Be the Expert! Well, here is an easy way to collapse amount of time. If a reporter or editor makes a decision to print your release, or to followup with a story, guess who is the instant expert? Just sending it out and having the press release out there starts the process.

Not just publicity, it’s also better clients

Besides reporters who may call, you can get more customers hitting your web site. Customers are more likely to buy from you because they saw you in the news, found you on Google– or both.

Here’s another idea: Use the press release yourself. Put it on your web site, print it out and use in your presentations.

It’s easy because we write your press release for you.

The normal process for press release distribution includes writing the press release. Then making certain it is in the format required by each of the media outlets. That can be difficult, because one small mistake and your press release is just not accepted. Then distributing it to all the media outlets. Takes time effort and knowledge. But for you the process is easy, just answer a few basic questions and we do the rest.

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