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Press Release Distribution Platforms

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26.Dec, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Press Release Distribution Platforms

Want to find the best press release distribution platform to reach the masses? produced a buying guide with chief marketing officers and SEO professionals in mind. You might want to read it.

So what are the three most important features to consider?

First of all, you’d want to obtain both SEO and PR value to support content marketing better.

Secondly, you should have an earned media appearance to increase consumer trust.

Thirdly, you probably want direct access to Google News twenty four seven, since that will enable urgent communications and media responses swiftly.

One of the options you’ll love at, is the unlimited access pass. Most agencies and marketing departments make use of this alongside their other solutions, as it provides great augmentation and better access to all the right media.

Something else a lot of companies do, is to sit back and let experienced media teams write all their news and match it with suitable editorial publications. This is something journalists can do for you every week in a collaborative way.

We encourage you to read what independent organizations like The Chamber of Commerce and TRUiC have to say about, and competing platforms. Ultimately, through the course of a year, it is a great idea to test out several platforms and watch your analytics for results.

Thanks for watching. We hope to see you soon at so we can help you get better results faster.

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