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PR Superstar – the ultimate toolkit for writing killer press releases.

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PR Superstar – the ultimate toolkit for writing killer press releases.

“PR Superstar – the ultimate toolkit for writing killer press releases” is designed for everyone who wants to capture the power of how to write a press release, swiftly and without waffle.

From the small business owner to the newcomer in a large marketing or PR department, PR Superstar is written with clarity, vision and insightful tips so that you can learn how to write press releases, take your company to the media instantly, and with surprising results.

PR Superstar is based on the author’s 20+ years of experience in PR, sales and marketing, and the highly successful training courses that she delivers to companies throughout the UK about how to write for the media. From the excellent results of clients and delegates, Sue has distilled the essence of this expertise and training into a short easy-to-read book.

The book is peppered with media releases, PR case-studies illustrating what works – and what doesn’t work, combined with a ‘step-by-step’ toolkit that takes you through the actual thinking and writing processes of public relations press releases, enabling you to write a press release within just a few hours.

A press release, public relations and media jargon-buster, a good helping of successful press releases, at-a-glance guides to the tools of PR and even a chapter on how to choose a PR agency, makes this an indispensable asset for everyone who wants to make their marketing pound, dollar or euro work even harder!

PR Superstar, the ultimate guide to writing killer press releases, is a one-day journey to press release writing enlightenment.

If only other PR books were as straight forward as this one! I’ve come across lots of PR ‘specialist’ books in my time but rarely are they as easy to understand as this one. Sue tells you what PR is – and isn’t – with lots of examples to show you what you’re trying to achieve. As a pragmatist, I only want to know what I need to do and the likely outcome I am going to get and this book does exactly that. It’s obvious the author really knows what she’s talking about: to the point, in simple and straight forward language – the ideal book for busy people.
I run a consultancy business helping businesses get the best out of their Online Marketing. Therefore I know how important it is to keep up to date with all that is happening and how I can best benefit my clients.


This book is one of the few that I have found very useful and helpful in guiding and assisting my clients in the dynamic world of PR. It shows what to focus on, what makes a great story not just a good story. If you are a business owner who wants to get into the media and benefit from low-cost marketing, this book will help you focus on your edge and help put your business under the media spotlight….


I run a small business, and low-cost marketing is always an issue. Now with the help of this book I finally feel I can market and promote my business, at minimum cost.

I love the way that Susan Haswell has created so many examples to follow. This isn’t just a book telling you “how to”, it’s also a guide to using PR properly, with great effect.

Now I can write a press release and send it to my local papers, and not feel like a complete numpty. I know what I’m doing, and why, and thanks to this book I’ve had the nerve to write a release – since then the local paper phoned with a few questions and it looks like my first press release will be published!!!

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