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Do you want to promote your Product/Services/Events/Book/Music/Kickstarter campaigns/Apps, etc? NewWayMedia is the only online Press Release distribution service that guarantees inclusion on 30+ news websites, including national, regional, local, trade and industry, and international news websites.

We target top news websites locally, nationally, and internationally.
We help create a powerful presence on the most happening news websites for your industry.
Our guaranteed inclusion features assure more eyeballs on the web.
Google news publication standard and distribute to around 30 news sites.

We offer the following:

Massive SEO distribution
You get to see the Copy of Press Release before the Distribution.
Fast Delivery
All LIVE LINKS guaranteed in PageRank 3-7 sites
All sites have High DA and High PA
Anchor Text Links Allowed

Complete service including:

Conceptualization: Helping you write the perfect media pitch with creative PR ideas.
Formatting: Correct formatting that will be accepted by major news partners.
Submission: Syndicated press release distribution with a high acceptance rate.

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