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Munson Healthcare Virtual Press Conference

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Munson Healthcare Virtual Press Conference

Officials from Munson Healthcare and local health agencies will provide a COVID-19 update and answer questions.

00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Current Statewide COVID-19 Trends (Dr. Nefcy)
05:44 – Munson Healthcare COVID-19 Hospitalization Numbers (Dr. Nefcy)
07:46 – Pediatric Hospitalizations (Dr. Nefcy)
08:50 – COVID-19 Booster Updates (Dr. Nefcy)
09:44 – Mixing & Matching Boosters (Dr. Nefcy)
09:57 – Flu Cases in Michigan (Dr. Nefcy)
10:47 – Grand Traverse County Health Department Updates (Wendy Hirschenberger)
17:13 – Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department Updates (Lisa Peacock)
20:32 – District Health Department #10 Updates (Jennifer Morse)
26:08 – Omicron Variant: The Latest (Wendy Hirschenberger)
32:20 – Types of COVID-19 Testing and Reliability (Lisa Peacock)
38:29 – The Latest CDC Guidelines (Jennifer Morse)

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