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Marketing Objectives Explained | 10 Examples!

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Marketing Objectives Explained | 10 Examples!

In marketing, your objectives and goals are the pillars that guide all of your actions and strategies. If you don’t set any objectives, you don’t know what direction you should go in, or how to do it. In this video, we’ll explain what marketing objectives are and share 10 examples you can use in your next marketing plan.

0:00 Intro
0:40 What is a Marketing Objective
0:52 Difference between Marketing Objectives and Marketing Goals
1:20 10 examples of Marketing Objectives
1:27 1) Increase brand awareness
1:52 2) Increase Market Share
2:21 3) Launch a new product
2:38 4) Introducing the company to new markets
3:07 5) Improve ROI
3:40 6) Increase company profits
3:57 7) Optimize the funnel
4:20 8) Attract new customers
4:40 9) Retain Current Customers
5:00 10) Increase Sales

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