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Make press release distribution publishing in china – Best Content Marketing service

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Make press release distribution publishing in china – Best Content Marketing service

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Make press release distribution publishing in china Special discount
Best cheap Content Marketing Service
Notice:Thearticle should provided by client when place an order.Attention please,most of China sites not allow URL/Contact details included.If needed,contact me first.No more than 5 pictures could included in content.
Do you encounter the following problem?
1. You can not find
your company or product information on the first page of Baidu.
2. Your brand is not well known in China.
3. Tried a variety of promotion, but the
cost is high and the effect is not good.
4. Have issued press releases, but the
effect is not satisfactory.
The role of PR distribution in China:1. When users want to know about you, you
can search Baidu and Google for your relevant information to enhance your image
and reputation.2. The relevant links posted on the
company’s website can be branded.3. It is possible to put screenshots of
related E-media reports on promotional brochures to enhance brand authority.4. Imperceptibly influence customers,
promote sales and increase website traffic or visibility.
portal websites, 451 industry media websites, list is updating.ATTN:Chinese News Website is an expensive and popular
service, therefore the service has no refund.
What media releases can you provide?,The national mainstream portal site, local portal site, IT technology website, real estate home website, female website, etc., cover more than 95% of the nation’s online media;,After the article is sent, will it be deleted?,There are two situations where the article will be deleted:n1. The content mentioned in the article violates the interests of others and is reported, resulting in the article being deleted by the relevant department.n2. The website closed down… This possibility is small, but it still exists.,How long can the article be issued?,2-3 working days (most sites will be faster),Can the article be revised after it is released?,The article cannot be modified once it is published. Please carefully review the content before publishing.,Will Baidu collect it after the article is published?,Most of the sites have a coverage rate of over 90%. We do not provide guarantees for inclusion. If there are demand packages included, please inform customer service in advance.,Can the article contain URLs, hyperlinks, and contact numbers?,The rules for each site are different. If you need an article with a website and phone number, please explain in advance and reconcile it before publishing,Any articles can be sent?,Illegal, irregular, negative, false news can’t be sent!

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