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LinkDaddy® Brings Affordable & Effective Press Release Service for Every Business

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LinkDaddy® Brings Affordable & Effective Press Release Service for Every Business

LinkDaddy® Brings Affordable & Effective Press Release Service for Every Business

0:00:08: How to craft a press release that will get a great CTR

An effective press release service ensures you can quickly reach out to millions of readers without the need to set up expensive advertising campaigns. However, this does not mean that every press release gets a great CTR or leads to a boost in conversions. Your published content needs to stand out to get noticed. Press releases that cannot inspire curiosity with their title or fail to capture the attention of a reader with their first few lines are not likely to bring about the desired results.

0:01:14: Publish PRs Throughout The Year To Attract More

LinkDaddy provides top-quality content writers for crafting a copy that can hook readers, raising the probability of getting distributed across the global and local media directories.

0:02:34: What are The Best Practices of Press Release Distribution

Promotional or informational, what is the correct approach for a press release?

LinkDaddy has brought together a team of seasoned PR professionals who can easily swap between a brand story and industrial insight along with a bit of journalistic enthusiasm to create a PR that is short of being over-promotional and still, it delivers the message, highlighting the brand rather than pushing the boundaries.

Does an immaculately written press release promise more online traffic for your brand? Not always!

You need to ensure that a PR makes it to the relevant news database and to newswires where it can reach the audience it wants to engage. This increases the chances of the PR being appreciated by media influencers, boosting longer-term visibility on popular search engines like Google.

0:04:09 LinkDaddy Press Release Distribution Network

LinkDaddy offers a comprehensive press release distribution network that is cost-effective and takes your press release to the right channels. LinkDaddy provides the transparency you seek when investing in a service. The key difference is the outreach we have, and the filters we apply when distributing a press release. This means publishing a PR targeting local search engines and local news publication platforms for the area you prefer. This could be a city, nearby locations, or a state you are targeting to take your business to the next level. To ensure that the exposure is better focused, LinkDaddy has a network of geographically categorized online directories that help to deliver the PR across a defined area.

0:05:29: LinkDaddy helps businesses target and transform their products into PRs

What if you don’t have any newsworthy to be written about, and it seems like most PRs are synonymous with something significant? LinkDaddy provides a solution for such problems, even if you don’t have a product launch or an industry event to highlight. Its team can work out a story angle even if you are short on breakthrough products or niche-defining services. Every press release cannot work magic right away and get your business featured on the home page of Forbes. However, when done correctly and consistently, it can drive traffic to your website!

0:06:55: LinkDaddy’s Press Release Service

Why does our premium press release service insist on delivering at least 1000 words for $99? There is a reason why digital marketing agencies insist on investing in long-form writing. Industry trends indicate that editorials and content pieces with a word count of 1000 words or thereabouts tend to have better backlink acquisition score. Such copies are also associated with more brand authority, raising the credibility of the brand. Long-form content seems to have a better shareability status as compared to short articles. Realizing this, the top-tier of LinkDaddy PR service provides a 1000+ word press release.

With LinkDaddy as your dedicated press release service provider, you can take up any of the three subscription options, starting from $49 for a 500-word press release. If the information you want to share needs a longer copy, you can opt for the 750-word PR for $69. Across all of our press release packages, you get a PR distribution service that ensures the copy gets published and then syndicated across major news sites, local news agencies, news aggregator platforms, newswires, press-wires, social platforms, and other online databases. Each press release is published with 100% SEO optimization to boost its online crawling, indexing, and visibility. This includes use of embedded images & videos, quotes, and backlinks from DoFollow sites.

LinkDaddy will get your Premium Press Release syndicated on major news publications, delivered into newsrooms, sent directly to targeted journalists, posted to social media and pushed onto mobile devices.

Visit today for more information about our Premium Press Release Services!

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