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Learn What Happens to Stocks Before and After a Press Release!

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Learn What Happens to Stocks Before and After a Press Release!

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Do you know what happens when news hits about a company or its products? I’ll show you how penny stocks can make PR mistakes and how that can mean an opportunity to trade…

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Today, I’m reviewing Creative Realities Inc. (NASDAQ: $CREX).

And I’ll tell you how a press release — or a lack of one — can move a stock’s price action.

It’s a little complicated. There are other factors you have to consider. And you can never anticipate exactly when a company will release news.

I found CREX using the StocksToTrade social media search tool. There are thousands of stock mentions on social media. StocksToTrade is a great tool to help you find them. I’ll get into more details about this tool in this video.

Back to CREX … They posted, on a website, information about their new product related to the coronavirus. But the company did this WITHOUT a press release. Seems stupid, right?

Short sellers thought so. They assumed the whole thing was a scam — mentioning CREX all over social media.

Here’s the thing about trades like this … I don’t trade in anticipation. There’s no way to know if a company will come out with a press release, or if it was a mistake to post product information.

But what I did anticipate was that the short sellers would drive CREX’s price up just by talking about it. It’s actually funny. Their actions move the stock opposite of what they want or think should happen.

I had no idea CREX would move the way that it did. But focusing on it shows my instinct was right. It’s interesting to see how press releases can affect how a stock moves.

Watch this video to see how I traded CREX — and how its price action played out. This is a great example of how volatile this market is.

The penny stock niche is full of these types of informational inefficiencies. You’ll never see high-priced stocks drop new products without a press release. That’s one reason I LOVE penny stocks.

I’m linking my no-cost “Volatility Survival Guide” AND a special StockToTrade offer above. Be sure to check them both out so you can learn to spot opportunities like this on your own.

If you’re watching this and you knew about CREX, leave a comment and tell me if you had a position. Or just tell me what you thought about its price action!

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