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Kat Mañalac – How to Launch (Again and Again)

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Kat Mañalac – How to Launch (Again and Again)

YC Partner Kat Mañalac presents on how startups should think about launching and why you should do it repeatedly.

Transcript and lecture slides here:

This lecture is part of YC’s Startup School, a free online program and global community of founders. Register and join the community at

00:00 Expect to launch more than once
1:14 Ways to launch
1:35 Why launch continuously?
2:32 Types of launch
3:50 Friends and family launch
5:05 Launching to strangers
6:28 Online communities
10:20 No jargon
11:30 “Request access” launch
12:52 Social media
15:35 New feature launch
17:02 Build your own community

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