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Instagram Marketing: How to Launch a Product on Instagram

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Instagram Marketing: How to Launch a Product on Instagram

Want to launch a product or business on Instagram? Looking for a proven plan to follow?

Learn how to launch your next product with this in-depth advice from Instagram marketing expert Natasha Samuel.

You’ll learn how to plan your promotion, seed interest for your product, warm up your audience, and sell to your followers during your launch.

Find out how your content strategy should shift during your launch, get a formula to create content that will support sales during your launch, and learn how long your sales period should last.

You’ll also discover the three types of buyers your launch will attract and what types of content will nurture them toward a purchase.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Phase 1: Pre-Launch
01:32 Pre-Launch Stories Ideas
02:07 Pre-Launch Live Ideas
02:22 Pre-Launch Feed Ideas
03:10 Phase 2: Launch
03:52 Launch Sales Formula
04:34 Launch Live Ideas
05:24 Launch Feed Ideas
07:11 Phase 3: Post-Launch
07:35 Post-Launch Content Ideas
07:56 Instagram Sales Tips: The 4 Types of Buyers
10:19 Phase 0: Content Prep

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