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How to Write a Press Release in 8 Steps, by Teena Hughes

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How to Write a Press Release in 8 Steps, by Teena Hughes – Teena Hughes shows you simple tips to write a press release, from the different types of dates, to the 5 W’s – who, what, where, when & why, plus the Bio. Download the Template to create your own Press Release today – it’s much easier than you thought. 🙂

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How, When & Why to Use A Press Release:

——— Transcript ——-

In this quick video I want to explain a few quick tips about Press Releases. On the screen you can see my website you can see that I have different information highlighted by the arrows. These are tips for what you need.

1 — Firstly “Date/Timing” – the date of the Press Release.

2 — Release Date – this can be immediate release or a date in the future.

3 — Title — put a catchy title with KEYWORDS at the start.

4 — Location – if your Press Release is for a launch in another city, make sure to write that.

5 — Paragraph #1 (the Intro) – this is extremely important, you want to grab people’s attention.

Ask: is this newsworthy? will someone find this really interesting?

6 — 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, Why, When – I like to write one sentence about each of the 5 W’s.

Don’t make it sound like a product brochure, turn it into a “story”, or use a question from your site, a short interesting story about how you SOLVED A PROBLEM.

7 — About / Bio – this is about you and your business, how can you be contacted?

8 — Contact details – website name, email, address details, phone humber, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

That’s it from me,
Teena Hughes of

——— end Transcript ——-

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Hope this helped you out in some small way – enjoy!

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