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How To Release A Single In 2021 (The 21 Day Plan)

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How To Release A Single In 2021 (The 21 Day Plan)


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Welcome to How To Release A Single In 2021 (The 21 Day Plan!). I do a massive video once a year detailing a plan for you to follow to release your next single. This is the most up to date, in depth release plan you’ll find anywhere.


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Hey! I’m Damian Keyes and I’ve worked with musicians every day of my life for the past 20 years. When I was 18, I was signed to a major label and at 23 I founded the world’s largest set of music colleges, currently valued at $100m.

As a bassist, I’ve played on stage for artists such as Eric Clapton, Alanis Morrisette and Billy Cobham. I also own a management company and live agency, undertaking over 10,000 gigs a year.

On a fun side note, I’ve also previously broken two Guinness World Records (whilst at BIMM), one for the highest number of guitar pedals used in a sound and one for the largest guitar rig ever built!


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