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How to Market a Restaurant with PR

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How to Market a Restaurant with PR

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PR or Public Relations is a really effective low-cost way of marketing your business.  You can send media releases to your local papers and radio station or run some events that will attract attention.  We’ve already mentioned one – offering free samples.  Think about how you might link your free sample event with a media release. Offering free samples on its own isn’t much of a story for the press, but if you can make it more exciting in some way the local media will be more interested.  Can you get a local personality or celebrity involved?  It could be anyone from a famous chef or cookery writer to your local MP – the MP will be cheaper and will want to be seen supporting local businesses. 


Consider other ways to get in the media.  Could you hold some sort of competition?  It could be for a genuine Guinness World Record or be something ridiculous like the International Spaghetti Knitting Championships!  It could even become an annual event.   


Whatever happens, ensure your name is up in lights, hand out plenty of menus and samples, take bookings and get those contact details.

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